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What happens at the abortion consultation appointment?

•You will see a counsellor and then one of our health care professionals . The consultation normally takes up to two hours. You will have a urine pregnancy test and then an ultrasound scan to assess your stage of pregnancy this will help us decide which type of treatment you will have. Please note you will not see any pictures during the scan. You may also have a simple blood test.

Although you will have had a positive pregnancy test, your pregnancy may be so early that we cannot see it on the ultrasound scan. This is most common when the pregnancy is less than 5 weeks. If we cannot see the pregnancy on ultrasound, it means that we cannot be sure the pregnancy is developing inside the uterus. Rarely this may indicate an ectopic pregnancy (where the pregnancy grows outside of the womb). To treat you we need to be able to see the pregnancy on the ultrasound scan and make sure it is growing in the uterus.

What happens during the abortion procedure?

Abortion procedures vary according to the stage of the pregnancy. Usually, women can choose the procedure that they feel is most suitable for them and their circumstances.
Details of the different procedures can be found below.

Manual Vacuum Aspiration

This procedure may be carried out in an operating theatre or a procedure room. An oral analgesic  is given and local anaesthetic is injected into the cervix before the procedure begins.

The cervix is then gently stretched open using thin metal rods called dilators and the uterus is emptied using a gentle manual or electric vacuum. The procedure typically takes 10-15 minutes and recovery time is 30-45 minutes. An overnight stay is not required.

Vacuum Aspiration

This procedure is carried out in an operating theatre. A short-acting general anaesthetic is injected into a vein in the hand or arm. The cervix is then gently stretched open using thin metal rods called dilators and the evacuation is carried out with either a gentle manual or electric vacuum. The procedure typically takes about 10-15 minutes and recovery time 1-2 hours. Clients do not need to stay overnight.

Is there any risk?

Abortion procedures, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy are very safe but no clinical procedure is entirely without its risk. There is no long term proven association between abortion and any ectopic pregnancy or infertility.

What about infection?

One of the highest risks after an abortion is infection. All our clients are given a course of antibiotics to minimise this risk. We also advise women to avoid having sex for two weeks after treatment and to use sanitary towels instead of tampons. It is normal for some women to experience some bleeding for several days after the abortion.

How will I feel after the abortion?

Different women experience different feelings after an abortion and will cope in different ways. Many women find it useful to have someone with them after their abortion. Some women take time off work, while others feel able to go straight back the next day – both responses are quite normal.

After treatment, some women find that their hormones levels swing quite dramatically whilst their bodies adjust. This may result in mood changes and it is common for women to feel a bit sensitive and irritable. After an abortion, some women feel a sense of loss, even if they believe their decision was right. Others may feel relief.

Will I need counselling?

All women are different and there is no standard amount of time that it takes for a women to put her abortion experience behind her.We can provide post-abortion counselling at any time after an abortion.
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